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Battle of Sandwich: ‘Turkey and Swiss on Rye’ fridge note war is the most passive aggressive thing we’ve ever seen

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(Picture: College Humor) (Picture: College Humor)

If you are someone who secretly rages at passive aggressive ‘notes’ left on fridges, you’ll love this.

First the sandwich thief explained their demands. Seems simple enough…

(Picture: College Humor) (Picture: College Humor)

But then the threats came back….

(Picture: College Humor) (Picture: College Humor)

So the thief decided on a little photographic evidence to show ‘Turkey and Swiss on Rye’ the lengths he was prepared to go.

(Picture: College Humor) (Picture: College Humor)

Oh why? Muhahaha

(Picture: College Humor) (Picture: College Humor)

Perhaps another nudge.

(Picture: College Humor) (Picture: College Humor)

That escalated quickly.

(Picture: College Humor) (Picture: College Humor)

Under a cloak of paper and printer anonymity, Sandwich Thief will never be caught…

(Picture: College Humor) (Picture: College Humor)

Not playing ball.

(Picture: College Humor) (Picture: College Humor)

Time for the real kick in the side.

(Picture: College Humor) (Picture: College Humor)

Or rather the ‘wurst’

(Picture: College Humor) (Picture: College Humor)

Weep we shall.

(Picture: College Humor) (Picture: College Humor)

Oh dear…

(Picture: College Humor) (Picture: College Humor)

Never mess with HR.

(Picture: College Humor) (Picture: College Humor)

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Change or switch undo tablespace in Oracle database

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Change or switch undo tablespace in Oracle database
How do I change the UNDO tablespace for my database and drop the old one? and the answer often is;  The complexity comes in if there were pending transactions in your old undo tablespace and you have already switched to the new one and when you try to drop the old one it says “Tablespace is in use”. It is not an easy task to drop the undo tablespace . Once I have to delete the undo tablespace due to some reason and i  find that it is not straight forward to delete the undo tablespace .
How to switch the database to a new UNDO tablespace and drop the old one
$ sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL> show parameter undo
NAME                                 TYPE…

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Ubuntu 12.04 upgrade to libreoffice 4.1

Libreoffice is great open source authoring tool like MS-Office.

LibreOffice 4.1 comes with many changes, including Unity appmenu support, option to use Firefox Personas, better interoperability with DOCX and RTF documents, a new LibreOffice Impress Remote Android App and many other changes

LibreOffice can be installed in Ubuntu by using a a large archive of deb files that can be downloaded from LibreOffice.org, but the packages available in the PPA (or in the official repositories) come with some Ubuntu-specific tweaks – for instance, the LibreOffice debs downloaded from the LibreOffice website didn’t have built-in Ubuntu appmenu (global menu) support, at least in my test, while the packages in the PPA have this by default, even for Ubuntu 12.04. Another advantage of using a PPA is getting automatic updates / easier to upgrade to newer LibreOffice versions.

Upgrading Steps

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/libreoffice-4-1
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Now  you have Libreoffice 4.1.

Hello World

Hello World!

As a developer I am starting my blog with “Hello World!” blog post.

In this blog you will find some of my knowledge tutorials tips and even my philosophy.

Thing related to computer and computers and software.

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